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Keywest Video: 25 Years of Video Production Services 

Keywest has been providing video production services for over twenty-five years. Our office location has changed, team members have come and gone, and we have had a wealth of interesting and exciting projects and clients to work with. What has remained consistent throughout is our drive and dedication to provide our clients with high quality video production services at a reasonable cost, in a timely fashion, and with exceptional customer service at the forefront.

The video production services industry has changed in many different ways since Keywest first began producing videos in 1988. One of the major changes has been in the pricing of videos. The cost of equipment has decreased significantly since the 80’s and therefore an array of inexperienced competition has popped up in the marketplace. Keywest mitigates this by providing our clients with a price match guarantee. This way, if they can find a reputable production company that can provide them with the same services for a reduced rate we figure out a way to match their quote. This allows clients to see for themselves that our prices are competitive, and we are only asking them to pay for the services that are integral to the completion of their video.

Another important factor that has changed the way video production service providers operate is the bombardment of video that now infests our lives. Twenty years ago, individuals watched TV, they would go to the movies now and then, and maybe they would be shown a training video in their work setting. Today, video is almost everywhere you look. From virtual billboards on the highway to our constant access to viral videos on our smartphones and the fact that video is present on almost all commercial websites. The world is now cluttered with moving images and it is harder than ever to stand out. As a service provider, we have made it our prime focus to make sure our clients’ videos are not just polished and professional looking, but innovative, unique, and capturing individuals’ attention as well as keeping it for the duration of the video’s message.

Here at Keywest, we are constantly considering our clients changing needs. We understand that the world is moving at a fast pace and those who are selling products, services or themselves need to stay current and even ahead of trend. That is why we are always trying to improve ourselves as team members, content creators, producers, editors, directors, animators, project managers and service providers. Video production services are our passion and we hope to be servicing our current and future clients for many more years to come.

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