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DJI Ronin 3 Axis Gimbal: Basic Setup and Operation

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3-5 Participants

This 6-hour workshop will begin by setting up the DJI Ronin 3 Axis Gimbal from the proprietary case, and using all of the stock accessories. After setting up the system with two different camera configurations, participants will rotate crew positions, (Camera Operator, Remote Operator, Spotter, Talent) having a chance to operate the Ronin with a walking subject.

This course will cover the following:

  • Hands on experience setting up the DJI Ronin
  • Review of camera theory relating to hand held gimbal use (depth of field and focusing)
  • Discussion and demonstration of accessories (proprietary and third party)
  • Overview of the DJI Assistant App as it relates to the DJI Ronin
  • Hands on experience using the DJI Ronin and rotating crew positions
  • Discussion regarding more advanced techniques and accessories
  • Digital copy of workshop notes / reference material

Course Duration: 6 hours + lunch break

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