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Lighting and Camera Techniques: Interviews and Green Screen

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  • Lighting and Camera Techniques: Interviews and Green Screen

3-5 Participants

This 6-hour workshop is an overview of an interview setup like you might see in a documentary or corporate video. Participants will have hands on experience setting up professional lighting, camera and audio equipment. As the interview setup is completed, theory behind lighting and camera techniques will be discussed, including the key differences between a practical and green screen background. Once the interview setup is complete, participants will rotate crew positions to gain a practical understanding of each role (A Camera, B Camera, Sound Recorder, Interviewer).

This course will cover the following:

  • Hands on experience setting up a variety of processional lighting equipment in studio
  • Review of lighting theory relating to interviews (light positions, intensities backgrounds)
  • Hands on experience setting up two different processional camera models
  • Review of camera theory relating to interviews (Multi-camera positions and eye lines)
  • Basic overview of audio production and second system recording for interviews
  • Hands on experience, rotating crew positions in the completed interview set
  • Digital copy of workshop notes / reference material

Course Duration: 6 hours + lunch break

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