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Most businesses have made video part of their overall marketing plan. It makes sense to spend money on video when more than half of consumers want to see it from the brand or business they support. When it comes to video production services, Key West Video has the resources and talent to do just about anything you can imagine. And video offers a great return on your investment. Just ask us for a free quote and we’ll make you a believer! Here’s a rundown of what we offer.

For Employees (Internal)

Video is a great way to communicate with employees internally. For new hires, creating one video that can be watched when convenient and reviewed whenever necessary will save your onboarding team time and money. Record a company-wide announcement from your CEO to keep everyone in the loop. If it’s time to update your training protocol, a video can cover all the specifics and ensure everyone gets the same information. Record seminars and conferences so that even the employees who couldn’t make a live presentation can still benefit.

icon of woman at computer, taking notes
Video training puts employees on the same page

When you’re trying to attract new talent, video can let potential employees know why they should consider working for your company. Key West Video can work with you to produce a recruiting piece highlighting the pros of being your employee. A company culture video will let viewers get to know your business better. Video is an opportunity to show your personality in a format that’s emotionally engaging.

For Business (External)

Video production services are the perfect way to connect with consumers. Commercials for broadcast or online consumption are designed to grab the attention of your target market and drive them to action. Testimonials allow potential customers to hear from people just like them and learn about the advantages of your product or service. Show your product in action or highlight desirable features. A branding video will give viewers a better idea of what it is your business does and the values you embrace.

The Lighter Side of Video

At Key West Video, we’ve used our video production services repeatedly to showcase the lighter side of a business. Clients have asked us to shoot dramatic spoofs, create customized music videos, and record silly messages all in the name of entertainment. These videos are typically made for an internal audience but sometimes the public gets a peek, too. After all, doesn’t everyone want to see their boss play air guitar while singing about first-quarter numbers?

Video Production: Animation

Animation is one of the most effective and engaging tools we use in video production services. Our animators can create any character, product, or background you can imagine. Then they can make those characters, products, and backgrounds do whatever is necessary to deliver your message. Whether your goal is to explain how a product works or use metaphors to help the audience understand a more complex concept, animation is easily manipulated to fit your purpose.


Neat Jug water filtration system
Product shot taken in-studio

Our video production services include still photography. When our videographers are on location, they’re typically shooting still images to accompany video footage. Shots of the location, product shots, and set-up shots may be taken. Back at the studio, we do headshots and product shots. In the studio environment, we can use a green screen for customized backgrounds or create our own backgrounds. We can also tailor lighting to your product, finding the most flattering angle.

In-House Studio

Speaking of our studio, we happen to have a green screen studio (check out the image at the top of this post) that serves so many purposes! From product shots to self-tape auditions, our studio is a pretty busy place. Corporate headshots can be taken here and acting classes and workshops are conducted, too. If you’re looking for space to accommodate your own shoot, call our office and ask about renting the studio.

Drone Footage and Stills

Drone footage gives the viewer a unique perspective. It’s a great way to show off real estate, give an overview of large space, or portray beautiful landscape. At Key West Video, we’ve teamed up with Lone Drone Solutions to provide clients with impressive drone shots. With the strict and changing rules and regulations surrounding drone usage, it’s advantageous to work with a company dedicated to following proper procedure. Check out some of the great shots we got working with Lone Drone in the video below.

Other Video Production Services

These examples are just the start of the video production services possibilities. Key West Video also does music videos and crowdfunding videos. We’ll work with your footage or you can rent one of our edit suites. Whatever your goal, we’re here to work with you to find the perfect video application for your product or service. Did we mention that we do captioning and can deliver videos in a variety of formats? You can also choose from English, French, or any other language that suits your needs. Okay, okay. You get the idea. Call us today and let’s talk about your best video.

This piece was originally posted in 2011 and has been updated for accuracy.

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