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Picture this: It’s the end of 2015. Virtually no one reads. In fact, we skim content at best. Search for keywords. Some of us don’t even make it past the headlines. Kinda scary, huh?

It goes without saying that we live in a fast-paced world. And with that comes fast-paced information, technology, businesses and employer practices (or lack thereof). It’s becoming more difficult to stand out in a crowd full of applicants. Many articles online aim to help you revitalize an outdated resume to appear more attractive to forward-thinking companies. You’ve been conditioned to believe that you must focus on the little details. Choose a good font. Remember the margins. And for Pete’s sake, use spell check. Right?


While all that is fine and dandy, this line of thinking conveniently forgets one thing: tradition. The question then becomes: is the concept of a traditional resume still relevant in today’s society? And is taking time to spell-check every word, peruse through Microsoft Word’s font tab and customize the page still worth it?

Some would argue no.

Resume Writing Tips: Mẹo viết resume (CV, hồ sơ xin việc) (Tiếng Việt)

Depending on your field of work, a video resume can be the deal breaker when being considered for a job. For employers looking to hire, video resumes are great for user interaction on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. However, not all video resumes are created equal. Despite this sounding like a fresh, foolproof way to spice up your qualifications, they can be backfire, if done incorrectly.

For starters, a visual representation of your resume should reflect you in a way that a traditional resume can’t. This means that you shouldn’t just read out the contents of your CV or resume in front of a camera. Instead, focus on your strengths in a professional, attention-getting manner.

As previously mentioned, our fast-paced minds mean we are constantly on the hunt for new, exciting and quick entertainment. When making a video resume, it is ideal to keep it short and concise.

iPad Quick Edit Videography at iPad Media Camp


Not every job calls for a video (with some even finding it inappropriate), but for the ones that do, video resumes do come with their set of perks. They show that you’re willing to take initiative to think outside the box. By choosing to market yourself this way, you also make it easier for employers or HR departments to remember who you are based on your video. Do you seem energetic? Are you passionate about what you do? Do your mannerisms suggest how much you’d like to work there? This may save a recruiter a lot of time when trying to find their ideal candidate. And if you’re successful, your company may even want your face on their social networks!

Video resumes also allow a company to connect with you without having met you face-to-face. Here at Key West we can help you create the perfect video resume for the employer of your dreams. Contact us today for your chance to set yourself apart from the rest on your social networks.

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