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Promoting your video can be harder than it looks, which is why you need a sales pitch which targets the right audience.

video sales pitchIf you #produce a #video that you want to be seen by a wide #audience, such as virtually every #promotional video on the planet, then you need to sell it. No I don’t mean go out and hustle DVDs on the corner. I mean you need a #SalesPitch.

A video sales pitch is a lot like any other form of sales pitch. You need to find the right audience, and give them what they want. It is a lot easier to sell honey to flies than bees. What I mean by that is, finding an interested and targeted audience will almost guarantee your sales pitch works, or in the least make it a lot easier to sell.

Corbett Barr knows this technique well. In his blog post The Best Sales Pitch Ever, he explains how #InboundMarketing and #PermissionMarketing are now leading the way in effective sales strategies.

Permission marketing is simply the idea that you get someone’s permission before sending that individual any sort of material. Inbound marketing is best described by referencing the different outlets it thrives off of, such as #SocialMedia, #blogs, #SEO and other various online platforms, which help foster this content marketing strategy.

These are the types of avenues that all video sales pitches should be based on. Due to the abundance of content at our fingertips at any given moment, it is needless to say that we don’t waste time in the 21st century. We search for what we are looking for, we engage with brands we like, and we watch what we are interested in. Therefore finding the right audience is the most crucial step in any video sales pitch. Search for platforms that are already engaging like-minded individuals who you know will be interested in your video’s content.

In the end you may find one avenue works better than another, and that is alright too. As Vladimir Blagojevic puts it in his post, Detailed 16 Step Guide to an Irresistible Sales Pitch,

“Creating an irresistible sales pitch is all about trial and error. As you make mistakes, you should use these lessons to develop and validate your sales methods, honing your pitch ever so more”.

Don’t be afraid to test out different theories and see what works best for your video marketing needs. As long as you are looking in the right places, you will find an attentive audience who you don’t need to sell to, but rather you will be providing them with content that they want and need.

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