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Videos are infinitely versatile. They can be used to sell a product or service. A video can promote an event. Use them to explain, celebrate, train, recap, update, and comply. A single video can fulfill any of these needs and more. But sometimes, like cookies, one is not enough. There are times when a video series is what you really need.

Types of Video Series

For the purpose of this blog, let’s define a video series as three or more videos on the same theme or topic. Key West Video creates video series for all sorts of businesses. Here are a few examples of the kinds of video series we produce:

Training Series. Videos showing employees how their job is done and what is expected of them can save a business time and money. Training videos also ensure every employee is given the same information. It’s a consistent and thorough way to get everybody on the same page.

Testimonial Series. One of the most effective and convincing ways to promote a product or service is to let someone else do it. Many of our clients use a series of testimonials as a way of providing first-hand feedback on the advantages of their product. We’ve worked with client Microdea to produce a series of company testimonials supporting their Synergize document management software.


Stakeholder Series. Businesses that need to provide quarterly or yearly updates to stakeholders find video is a useful tool. It’s a way to widely disseminate a lot of information in one reviewable format.

Instructional Series. Sometimes the instructions or manual that come with a product just aren’t enough. Many of us are visual learners, and a video series on how to install smart home technology or assemble a patio umbrella can be geared toward home users or professionals. We produced a four-part installation series for client Eddy Solutions showing how to install their smart water metering system.

Demonstration Series. They say seeing is believing and nothing convinces like a demo. A video series can be used to promote a service or product by showing the ease of use and benefits in real life scenarios.  We helped premium seafood delivery company Seafood Crate create a series of recipe demos promoting their service.

Franchise Series. We have several clients who operate under a single company banner while practicing in different parts of Canada. A franchise video series uses the power of a recognizable brand to promote the services specific to a location. Grant Thornton is an international accounting and consulting network with advisors working across the country. We’ve created local advisor videos in several provinces.

Brand Series. Any of the video series above can be a kind of brand series. As long as you’re engaging viewers and boosting awareness of your company, you’re branding. Be sure to use a consistent look, tone, and feel so people recognize the videos as part of your brand.

The Advantages of Video Series

Choosing to create a video series can work wonders for your business. Here are some of the ways making multiple videos can be to your advantage:

  • Break up a lot of information into more digestible pieces
  • Regular videos keep viewers coming back
  • Show off your product in different situations
  • Tell a product or brand story in serial format, compelling viewers to return for the next installment
  • Promote an upcoming event with a countdown or make seasonal videos
  • Answer customer questions

Winning Format

A video series should be formatted in a way that lets the viewer know each segment is part of a series. A standard intro and ending are good for consistency. Using a title for your series with the same music, visuals, graphics, and animation means the audience can recognize it as a series. Make sure the videos have your company branding so the viewer relates what they’re seeing to your business. A donut can be used to keep videos uniform and simple—just fill in the middle with new information. At the end of each segment, try a CTA or promote the next video in the series.

The First Step

Key West Video can work with a client to figure out the best series format for their business. We have clients who ask us to create a series of videos all at once. Then it’s up to them to decide a distribution schedule or process that works for their company and their audience. Other clients have an established series and they come to us when they need a new installment. If you think a video series will work for your business, give us a call and we can talk about the first of many collaborations.

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