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Good customer service is an integral part of a successful business. People who receive good service from a business are more likely to be repeat customers and they’re also inclined to tell others about their positive experience. Conversely, people who receive poor service are less inclined to use your company and may even post a bad review online. One thing we know customers respond well to is video: they like it better than text and it increases confidence in a business. So what happens when you deliver good customer service through video support? You get the magic of video valets.

In Your Face Service

Are you familiar with the term “video valet”? A video valet is the customer service technology that allows face-to-face interaction with a company representative via webcam. This platform is becoming increasingly popular for customers who are frustrated by being put on hold, receiving inadequate help, or feeling like they’re getting lost in the shuffle. Especially in a time when most of us have become accustomed to video chats, a video valet can be an elegant solution for your customer service needs.

Why Video is Better

Many businesses are choosing to either wholly embrace video valets for customer service or at least bolster their support with a video option. When research shows that 33% of customers are most frustrated by being put on hold and then shuffled from rep to rep, a dedicated video connection makes sense. Here are some more reasons to embrace video valets:

  • Connecting with a customer service rep in real time leads to fast and final resolutions.
  • By reducing the number of touchpoints, your service reps will have fewer follow-ups.
  • Live video can save a business up to 50% or more on support costs. A lower number of agents can quickly serve customers and resolve problems.
  • Video valets are particularly handy for remote technical support. Sometimes customers don’t have the language to explain their problem, but being able to see the issue alleviates frustration on both ends, leading to a
  • Video chats provide better support for disabled customers
  • Recordings of video interactions can be used for training
Video valets save time and money while increasing the quality of customer service

Lets Get Personal

Personalized service scores big points with customers. In fact, 80% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for products or services to ensure a great customer service experience. In the age of COVID, people are craving the personal we’re missing by eschewing in-store shopping. Make your service more personal and increase relationship marketing with a video valet. Take advantage of an opportunity to connect with your customers even when you’re not in the same space.

Need some inspiration? Check out how these early adopters used video to keep things personal.

  • Although now defunct, Amazon had a Mayday button on its Kindle ereader. Customers had a direct line to agents when they needed it. This was a pioneering version of a video valet that showed how useful the service can be.
  • Esurance gave video appraisals via cell phone. Live assessment appointments and recorded video helped speed up service.
  • ATMs began using video chat to help customers who needed advanced transactions or had forgotten their bank cards. This video interaction was faster, safer, and more convenient than having customers enter the bank.

Sharing is Caring

We’ve all had that humbling moment when you ask the IT department for help. Truth be told, it’s a relief when someone with more knowledge and experience than you takes over your screen and starts navigating toward a solution. The same thing goes for customer service. A video valet paired with co-browsing can up your customer service game. Sometimes it’s nice to take the back seat and let another person drive!

A video chat can foster trust and loyalty in customers

Quick Tips

If you’re going to implement a video valet system, there are some important things to keep in mind. Make sure your agents are well-presented. Use quality audio and video equipment and proper lighting so customers aren’t frustrated when trying to communicate. Along the same lines, have a dress code so your reps uniformly project the desired company image. Finally, make video chat accessible across all platforms.

Video Wins Again

As a video production company, we understand the power of video to make emotional connections. By using a video valet, you can leverage that connection to help your business. After all, this kind of dedicated, personal service can result in customer loyalty and confidence. Put your best customer service face forward with video.


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