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Videos can be versatile

Most businesses rely on formulas to keep things running smoothly. There are processes in place to handle the day-to-day operations that repeat on a regular basis. In the realm of video production, we approach each project in a similar way from a high-level perspective. The path taken from initial client meetings to a finished video looks the same overall. When you drill down into the kind of video being produced, that’s when the details of the process change. Although each video is unique, maintaining an established working procedure means everybody involved is on the same page and nothing is missed.

Video and Satire

Using a recognizable, repeatable process leads to an expectation rooted in predictability. That can be a good thing because nobody likes surprises when it comes to business. This group understanding also means that we can all laugh together when someone uses satire to point out an inherent redundancy. Take for example the video made by Charlie Brooker, a British news reporter and comic. His news spoof should look very familiar.


The beauty of satire is that it contains a nugget of truth. It’s a form of humour inspired by fact, but twisted into a funny take on the subject. Video is a fantastic way to take a good-natured jab at ourselves. The Charlie Brooker video above reminds us of  “Generic Brand Video”. This video follows a formula that rings true in our line of work. But ultimately, it’s a brilliant promotional ad for stock footage company Dissolve.

Have a Laugh

At Key West Video, we’re occasionally asked to produce videos that feature the lighter side of a company. These are generally created for an internal audience and are shown at holiday parties, AGMs, or other employee-focused events. We’ve shot everything from music videos to scripted news reports that are a funny take on what it’s like in our client’s workplaces. The feedback we get on these projects is overwhelmingly positive and employees really seem to enjoy being able to laugh at themselves and their colleagues.

Stand Out in the Crowd

There’s a reason why testimonials or branding videos or any other type of production have similarities: they share a common goal. That doesn’t mean that every video has to look the same or should look the same. You want your audience to remember why your business is different, and better, than a competitor. Even though your video may have elements similar to a rival company, our goal is to help you express the unique properties of your product or service. So a formula is just an outline to keep us all on track—how we fill in the details is what makes your production one-of-a-kind.

A Video for Any Occasion

Whether your goal is to entertain your team with a spoof of the office or sell your service to a target market, we can help you succeed using video. The formulas we use for our services help us produce the kind of results you’re after. But we also treat each client and each project based on individual needs. We aim to create a video that shows why your business is unique. We also want to produce something that really connects with your audience. Call us today for a free quote.

This blog was originally posted in 2011 and has been updated for content clarity and accuracy.

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