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Video Voicemail Over Email or Phone Call

Working in sales can be a tough gig. It’s hard to get a customer’s attention without being perceived as pushy or intrusive. An eamil is easy to ignore. Leave a phone message and you’ll sound like everybody else. But a video voicemail takes the best part of an email and a phone call, creating a hybrid that grabs customer attention.

Who’s Using Video Voicemail?

Video Voicemail Over Email or Phone Call
Video voicemails are a great tool for sales

Video voicemail is a great sales tool. This format allows you to introduce yourself and make a human connection. It differentiates your approach from the other standardized sales pitches. It’s been found that sales outreach emails that include video voicemails have a significantly higher click-through rate—42%, as opposed to just 10%.

Video Tips

Use the video is to introduce yourself and tell the client why you’re reaching out. Be specific about their company to show you’ve done your research. Try talking briefly about a service suited to them. These personal touches are the kinds of details that foster trust with the viewer.

This is video, so be animated! You might feel goofy, but without a little pep you’re going to come off looking tired and sounding bored. Give it a few trial runs to find your comfort zone and strike that balance between enthusiastic and over-zealous. Then take and deep breath and hit record.


Video Voicemail Over Email or Phone Call
A webcam is an easy way to record your video voicemail

The spotlight is on you, albeit briefly. Be sure to make the most of your time. Stick to  a short message that gets to the point quickly. A script may sound too rehearsed, but make a few bullet points covering what you’d like to say.

Typically, these messages are recorded on your computer’s webcam. In that setting, the rules used for any webcam recording apply: keep your computer at eye level, find a well-lit room, and record somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted. Nobody expects a super-polished and highly-edited movie, so say your piece in a single take. You want it to look professional, but also sound natural.


As with all videos, end with a CTA. This could be a meeting request, a phone call request or a directive to a website. Include your email address, phone number or relevant url.  Being clear about how you want the viewer to act and making it easy for them to take action is key. They should have a clear idea of why you left a message and how they should respond.

Make the Connection

At Key West Video, we’re always looking into the latest trends in our industry. From sales support to seminars, call us today for a free quote. Let us show you how video can make the connection between your business and your customer.

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