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Videos with a Conscience

As consumers, we have a lot of choice. Let’s say you want to buy a bike and the same model is on sale for $1000 at Store A and $1100 at Store B. If Store B gave a bike to an underpriviledged child for every model sold, would you be wiling to spend the extra $100? What if the bikes were priced the same, but Store B was on the other side of the city and much less convenient to access? Would you make the extra effort to give your business to a bike shop that actively participates in social issues? For many people, the answer is yes. Which is why cause-related videos and purpose driven ads result in sales.

Company Values

Consumers are aligning with companies that share their values. The same consumers are avoiding companies with policies they consider unethical. The issues you choose to associate with your brand with can and do affect success.

Videos with a Conscience
Tie your business to a cause you believe in

A social tool like video can connect so many people, making it an obvious and easy way to contribute to something you believe in. If you’re comfortable taking on a cause and tying it to your brand, choose one that aligns with your company values. Make sure it’s something that you can commit to and use as part of your overall marketing approach. One way to identify what you stand for is to define what it is you’re against. Are you a dress manufacturer that deals in recycled clothing? Chances are you’re against waste. That means supporting a cause that promotes recycling would align well with your values. Maybe a clothing donation drive for job interview outfits would be something you could get behind?

Popular Causes

Videos with a Conscience
Women were at the forefront of cause-related videos last year

Here’s a list of the most popular causes as highlighted in purpose-driven ads last year.

  • women’s empowerment
  • community aid
  • diversity
  • sustainability
  • equality
  • healthy living

Leading by Example

Big companies are leading by example when it comes to cause-related marketing. Executives recognize that doing good is good business. There’s a growing idea that being successful comes with the obligation to give back.

The Love Has No Labels  initiative has created a series of videos that examine and challenge implicit bias. This public service advertising campaign has some big backers including Coca-Cola, P&G, Google and Pepsico. Through the use of videos as well as real stories, quizzes and information, big business is declaring what’s important to them.


Pick a Cause

Done well, you can really connect with an audience while taking a stand through video. You can centre an entire campaign on a cause or tie a single promotion to a social issue that’s close to your heart. Either way, your business profits in more ways than one. Call Key West Video if you’d like to talk about how your video can be cause-related.

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