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With the advent of digital marketing came martech and all the technology used to promote business. Corporate video has become an important component of martech with all sorts of video software platforms vying for your content. This blog is all about the advantages of one such platform, Vimeo. Launched by filmmakers in 2004, Vimeo has 170 million monthly viewers. When compared to YouTube (launched in 2005), this number isn’t that impressive. However, there is a convincing argument to use Vimeo for your business. Here are three good reasons.

1. Quality Content on Vimeo

high quality blue ribbon
Vimeo videos tend to be of higher quality.

The fact that Vimeo was developed by filmmakers says a lot about the platform overall. While YouTube is accessible by anyone and everyone, Vimeo is more of a members-only kind of situation. The platform promotes videos that are well-reviewed rather than those with the most clicks. Vimeo is easy to use and offers 360°, live, and 4k support. Vimeo also doesn’t set a limit to the length of video that can be uploaded. In general, the platform has a higher quality of video production. Users tend to be a more professional crowd, meaning B2B use can be perceived as more discerning. Vimeo’s embedded player highlights content rather than promoting their own brand. What viewers see is your video without a lot of distraction.

2. The Right Audience for Business

The CEO of Vimeo, Anjali Sud, is positioning the platform as a small business tool. Sud considers Vimeo a SaaS with a focus on helping small businesses use video for marketing. There are privacy and password settings to let you control access to videos with settings that allow for a customizable channel with business branding. Your content becomes exclusive in a good way. You’ll pay to have a business account, but you get a higher-quality environment in return.

Another business advantage of Vimeo is available analytics. Knowing the stats on your video can affect a company’s overall marketing plan. An analytics dashboard gives a quick overview of video impressions, plays, likes, comments, and more. Understanding your audience and what resonates with them can lead to even better videos in the future. You can even create custom reports to help explain (and hopefully impress) stakeholders.

3. Vimeo’s Clean Interface

Vimeo logo
Vimeo’s sleek look keeps the focus on videos

If YouTube is a sitcom, then Vimeo is a film. The clean and precise UX is a much more appealing aesthetic for many viewers, especially when it comes to corporate video. Some consider Vimeo the countercultural option to the clutter and three-ring circus effect of YouTube. The platform is easy to search, well-organized and looks like a curated portfolio. Step up to the next level of video viewing.

The Discerning Choice

Vimeo has the reputation of a professional network of artists and it can lend that perception to your corporate video content. Did we mention there aren’t any ads? With a business account, you pay relatively little but you get a lot. There’s so much to choose from when it comes to video hosting platforms. What do we use at Key West Video? Wistia! But that’s a blog for another day.

This blog was originally posted in 2016 and has been updated.

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