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Viral Video

Something viral is shared from person-to-person and spreads quickly. In the realm of disease, this is a bad thing. On the Internet, going viral is usually considered a good thing.

How Can I Go Viral?

Some people claim to know how to make a video go viral, but it’s not really something you can engineer. However, there are certain things viral videos have in common. Viral videos tend to feature real people in relatable situations, for one thing.

viral video
Going viral is the ultimate in marketing

In tangible terms, there are measurements of what it means to go viral. The author who wrote the book Going Viral  believes whether or not a video gets the viral label has to do with the sharing process. Professor of Information Karine Nahon thinks the phenomenon has to do with three factors: the speed at which the video is spread, the amount the video is shared and the overall diversity of the viewing population.

The phenomenon of virility isn’t new—think of how video was shared before the advent of social media. Material was posted and then shared via email and message boards. Once a video gained enough momentum, mainstream media like morning news shows and late night comedy caught on and aired the gems. At this point, the videos became water cooler fodder and everyone seemed to know about them.


Anything can go viral on the Internet. Not just videos, but also memes and even ideas. Going viral is something that tends to happen by accident, or by circumstance. Take the #MeToo Movement. On October 15, 2017, Alyssa Milano tweeted a suggestion.

viral video tweet
Alissa Milano’s tweet went viral with #MeToo

Accusations of sexual harassment and assault leveled against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein were the impetus for Milano’s tweet.  She was looking to illustrate the prevalence of such behavior and give a voice to victims. Literally overnight, a phrase that was created in 2007 by Tarana Burke was reborn and the hashtag ignited a movement. The Zeitgeist was ripe for such an uprising and there was a surge of posts using the hashtag.

Can you Create a Viral Video?

As this blog illustrates, there’s no guaranteed way to go viral. But Key West Video can make you a killer corporate video that distributes your message far and wide. Call us today for a quote.

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