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Virtual Reality Concerts

Remember when Tupac Shakur made a posthumous appearance at Coachella in 2012? What about Michael Jackson’s hologram at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014? Those were pretty revolutionary performances at the time, but it’s becoming more and more common to see a performer from another time or place. In fact, Roy Orbison’s image will be playing Toronto’s Sony Centre on November 4. Orbison is backed by a live orchestra on the In Dreams: Roy Orbison in Concert The Hologram Tour. Producers BASE Hologram liken this spectacle to producing a theatrical show, not just a concert. What else is going on in the virtual reality concert realm?

What Happens at a Virtual Reality Concert?

Virtual Reality Concerts
VR can put you right on stage

Imagine the best concert you’ve ever attended. Your seats were close to the action, the sound was crystal clear and nobody stood in line for the bathroom. Now elevate that moment by putting yourself on stage. Stand behind the lead singer or check out what the drummer in the back is doing. This is the virtual reality concert experience. You never leave the comfort of your living room, but you’re still immersed in the concert.

A study conducted by the Consumer Technology Association found that the most popular suggestions for VR content include lifestyle activities such as concerts, sports, and exercise. The sensation of actually being there and participating in an event is what makes VR such a thrill. When it comes to concerts, you can enjoy perks beyond the usual. Don’t worry about the tallest guy in the room blocking your view because even though there is a band and there is an audience, you’re all tuning in from elsewhere so you can stay out of each other’s way.

Who’s Playing?

Acts such as Imagine Dragons, Imogen Heap, Cold Play and Vance Joy have all done virtual reality concerts. This format gives fans a chance to truly get up close and personal with their favorite bands and artists. Check out some of these options for virtual reality concerts.

How do I get a Ticket?

Virtual Reality Concerts
VR gear is your ticket in

For once, you won’t have to go through Ticketmaster! Don a VR headset, like the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR, and you’ll have a live, 360-degree experience. You’ll need a headset and a smartphone for untethered models or a powerful PC or PlayStation 4 for tethered models, plus the related app. A standalone VR headset is a mobile VR headset with Android smartphones and displays built-in. If you want the full-on VR package, you can go for something like the HTC Vive. Now you’re ready to find that perfect concert and power up.

But is it Really Like Being There?

The social element of a live show is important. That shared experience helps amplify the mood, so the goal is to make virtual reality concerts more interactive. TheWaveVR thinks it’s cracked the code. Instead of replaying concert footage in VR headsets, it collaborates with artists to create custom, psychedelic VR worlds where users can interact with each other while at the same show. Artists like Imogen Heap are signing on.

Virtual Reality Concerts
Being part of the crowd is part of the fun

The growing popularity of virtual reality concerts is due to the obvious benefits of unobstructed views, home convenience, and unprecedented access. But it goes beyond viewer comfort. Artists who are restricted from traveling outside their home country or banned from parts of the world now have access to fans. Same goes for those who are unable to travel to shows due to physical or geographical limitations.

VR or not, Videos get Noticed

If you’re truly ready to go next level virtual, you can pay for a virtual reality concert with a cryptocurrency. If you think maybe you’d like to start with the kind of video that draws attention but doesn’t require a headset, give Key West Video a call today. After all, music videos are one of the many kinds of videos we produce.

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