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Why Visual Albums Have Become So Popular and Important

With the recent success of artists like Beyonce and Frank Ocean, visual albums have set a high bar for artists around the globe.

And for companies like us who work with a lot of talented, up-and-coming artists for music videos, visual albums might not be such a bad idea.

When it comes to visual albums, the most important thing (like most other visual mediums) is story. What message will you convey? With music (especially an entire album already completed), your work is already halfway done – your story is clearly laid out for you. Now you’ve just got to create the visuals to complement it.

Here at Key West Video, we work our clients to interpret their vision. Whether it’s branding, creating a video marketing campaign, or creating a music video theme/idea, we work directly with our clients to create artistic bodies of work that mean something.

In 2013, Beyonce broke the internet when she not only released an entire album unannounced but the visuals to go with it. Not necessarily a complete film, the visuals did serve as a continuous music video throughout the album. Then earlier this year, LEMONADE was introduced as an artistic docu-drama filled with music, poetry, compelling visuals and unforgettable transitions that served to take us on an emotional journey of everything from love to hatred to forgiveness.

Why Visual Albums Have Become So Popular and Important
Photo credit: amsfrank via / CC BY-SA

Following this same format was experimental R&B artist Frank Ocean who released a dual album (with the first being entirely visual). Also serving the story and overall tone of the album, Frank could be seen building a metaphorical stairway to heaven while angelic vocals played in the background.

We’ve come to a point in entertainment where our consumption needs are much higher than before. Gone are the days when an artist could simply release a 12-track album of mediocrity and forgetfulness. Now, true artists are not only raising the bar in the quality of music production they put out, but also challenging listeners to really experience the sound in new ways.

We at Key West Video totally get that. We work with avant-garde artists who seek to make leave their footprint on the sands of time. For more information on the services we provide (or to check out our portfolio), visit our website today.

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