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Vlogs are a great way to stand out and connect with your audience on a more personal level. Here are #FiveTips on #HowTo improve your #vlog.

Improve your Vlog
Connect with your audience through vlogging

Vlogs and their history:

1. Content

Make sure that you’re providing your dedicated vlog viewers with something good to watch. It sometimes helps to create an outline with just a few points to make sure that you don’t stray too far from the point you’re trying to make. Viewers don’t generally appreciate watching someone ramble on and on without any sort of direction.

2. Lighting

Let’s face it: we like to watch videos that look good. Try your best to make sure that your vlog is lit properly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out and buy all kinds of fancy equipment, but try to record your blog in a well-lit room so that you as well as your setting look bright and engaging.

3. Sound

As much as we like things that look good, we also like things that sound good. There’s nothing more frustrating than poorly executed audio. Again, you don’t need to go out and buy truckloads of fancy equipment to shoot your vlogs, but there are some minor changes you could apply to garner a great product. If possible, try to invest in a microphone so that your voice is heard loud and clear, without any strange echoes, buzzing, humming, etc. And try to shoot your vlog in a quiet room – make sure there isn’t any obnoxious music (or a television) playing in the background since the last thing you want to do is have a distracted audience.

4. Social media

In order to improve your vlog, you also need to improve your social media presence. Try to post your video on as many of your social media outlets as you can. It helps a great deal if your follows share, rate, and comment on your content. The goal is to generate as much traffic as you can.

5. Length

Keep your vlog short and simple. Viewers prefer to digest little tidbits of information, rather than watch 20-minute seminars on YouTube. The key to keep your viewers coming back is to make sure you don’t bore them. Keep them entertained with short and sweet videos that are easily shareable.

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