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Marketing Sushi Episode 1:

Hey guys, welcome to the first Marketing Sushi video by A5 Media where we serve marketing raw. Today, I’m here at Keywest Video, our video production partner and one of Toronto’s best videography companies. Now, in future videos we’ll talk about how Keywest can help you make better videos, but today I want to talk about the basics: choosing the right camera angles.

So let’s go through each one and talk about how you can use them. So the first video angle you should know about is the 45 degree. This is the classic and often the go-to angle for corporate video. The lack of eye contact makes it less uncomfortable for the viewer for longer videos, so when in doubt, choose a 45 degree angle. It’s reliable, solid, and always professional. The second video angle you need to know is the POV. In this shot, the camera actually mimics the point of view of the viewer. Choose a POV angle when you want to connect with the viewers in a personal one-on-one way.

This next video angle isn’t a video angle at all but I wanted to include it anyway. It’s the walk and talk. Made famous by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing Fame, the walk and talk is perfect when the video content is as much about the space as it is about the subject. Now there’s one drawback to the walk and talk and that’s rehearsal. You have to practice everything beforehand, but if you’re a real estate agent, if you’re a car dealership, if you’re a restaurant, or if you’re any business where the space is as important as what happens within it, the walk and talk is perfect for your next corporate video.

Well that’s it. I want to thank the guys at Keywest Video for the incredible job they did on this. And for a limited time, tell them that A5 Media sent you and you can get up to 15% off your next video project with them. And if you’re in need of help with your marketing or advertising, or any of your creative needs, just reach out to us at A5 Media. We’ll be glad to help. See you next time on Marketing Sushi.

Keywest Vlog: A5Media - Marketing Sushi Ep. 1
Keywest Vlog: A5Media – Marketing Sushi Ep. 1
Keywest Vlog: A5Media - Marketing Sushi Ep. 1
Keywest Vlog: A5Media – Marketing Sushi Ep. 1

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