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What are Vlogs & Why are They Becoming the New Hot Corporate Video Tool

A video blog, or vlog, is a blog expressed through video. Vlogs are a great tool for any corporation, as they are inexpensive and allow companies to be able to provide consistent content to their clientele in a unique and engaging fashion. vlogs

Although their popularity has only recently started to excel in the corporate world, the first ever instance of a vlog was way back in the beginning 2000.  A gentleman by the name of Adam Kontras posted a video alongside his formal blog, to inform his friends and family of his move to LA. He continued creating similar posts, marking the longest-running video blog in history.

Vlogs give organizations the ability to put a face to their company. They allow audiences to feel closer to you and the content, and builds a deeper connection. Reading text on a page is one thing, but being able to put words, actions, and a face on the screen, really brings the content to life.

When creating your company’s video blog ensure you keep these things in mind:

  1. Good Audio – without good audio you might as well just provide your audience with text, because at least they will be able to read it. Investing in a fairly inexpensive lavalier mic is a big must. Above all else, bad quality audio will distract viewers and make them want to tune out. Be cautious when choosing a space to film in. Things such as overhead fans and refrigerators generate a lot of background noise. Filming in a quite office space is ideal.
  2. Lighting – lighting can be very expensive, but if you are planning on investing some money into this project, lighting would be the best place to start. It can really improve the professionalism and overall quality of your vlog. Even with just one key light, and one fill you will be able to get enough coverage. If you are completely dumbfounded in this area, then I suggest going to your local video production store and taking a few minutes to speak with professionals about the most cost effective option for your beginners lighting package.
  3. Framing – Find a space that is professional but also explains a bit about your company. If you can have company branding in the background that is always a nice touch. Make sure to tidy up the space as your background is a direct reflection of you and your company.
  4. Graphics – to boost the look and feel of your vlog, you can add any graphics or branding material that you have available. Things such as screen captures of your website, company logos, flyers etc. are all useful and can be simply embedded into your video to add an additional element of professionalism.
  5. Distribution – the most important aspect of any vlog is getting it out into the right hands, so the right people have access to it. Posting on a site such as YouTube allows for certain usability features, and makes it very accessible. YouTube also gives you the option to then embed your video on external sites, such as your website or blog. The key to distribution is finding places where audiences who would be interested in your content are located and then actively seeking them out and distributing it in those locations.

I hope you found these tips useful. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there, as long as the content is strong and what your customers are interested in, then you will have an audience. You then just need to make sure the production value is at a quality level, so the overall presentation is where you expect it to be. Happy vlogging!

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