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Vlogs: Personal Connection Through Video

Vlog is a portmanteau that means video blog or video log. But you probably already knew that since you’re reading this blog, which means you’re familiar with the internet. Perhaps you’ve heard of or watched some of the more popular vloggers such as Casey Neistat, Bethany Mota and PewDiePie? A vlog is all about the host putting themselves out there for public consumption, sharing their ideas and thoughts. It uses the power of video to connect with an audience. Vlogger Julien Solomita aptly describes the process as “awkward now and awesome later”.

What Makes a Good Vlog?

There is no shortage of online advice on how to be a vlogger. The whole idea of a vlog is to get your message out there and connect with people. In order to attract attention and grow your audience, you need one of two things (even better if you have both): charisma or expertise. Either people will watch anything you do because you’re so captivating, or you give the kind of advice and information the viewer is seeking. Here are some of the practises used by successful vloggers:

  • create a connection with the audience
  • post new vlogs on a consistent basis
  • interact with the audience
  • come across as, and be, authentic


A vlog can be a highly produced scripted video with editing, music, text, effects and b-roll. Sometimes these vlogs are referred to as “short films” by their creators. On the other end of the spectrum is the simple set-up in which a vlogger looks straight down the lens of the camera and speaks their truth. Either way, you’ll need some basics  to make a vlog.

Vlogs: Personal Connection Through Video
With just a few pieces of equipment, you can be a vlogger

With just a few pieces of equipment, you can start your career online. Let’s begin with the most obvious component: a camera. This could be anything from the camera on your phone to a professional grade model. Since you have something to say, you’ll also need  a microphone. Again, this could be the one on your phone or something more elaborate. Most vloggers edit their vlogs to omit mistakes, tighten the final video or add in footage and effects. Editing systems have changed a lot over the years and there are now many easy-to-use, consumer-targeted options. Some are even free. While some vloggers work out of studios with all sorts of bells and whistles, only these few items are required to get started.


Now that you’ve created a vlog, you need to put it somewhere so people can see it! You can post your vlog on a website, YouTube or other platform. Some vloggers have a channel where they post all their vlogs. If you’re thinking about getting a YouTube channel, this is a good read. If you want to explore other options, this is a helpful article.

Choose Your Vlog

If you’re looking for a vlog to follow, your options are limitless. There are vlogs with themes like travel, fashion, make-up, and cars. (Did you know that motovlogs are vlogs made while riding a motorcycle or other motorized vehicle?!?) Then there are vlogs that centre on a person rather than a theme. So the trick is to do a little research and find a topic that interests you or a personality that holds your attention. Try looking at a list of popular vloggers and see if any of them seem like they’re speaking to you.

Vlogs: Personal Connection Through Video
The most popular vloggers are pursued by big business

The very popular vloggers are also influencers. This means they have amassed enough followers to influence trends, buying habits and other KPIs that make companies willing to pay big bucks for brand sponsorship deals. These are the people who have made vlogging into a business by having millions of subscribers.

Video Makes Connections

Vlogs are a testament to the power of video. Successful vloggers know how to use the medium to connect with their audience and make the viewer feel something. At Key West Video, we understand this connection. If you’re interested in reaching your audience on a personal level, give us a call today.

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