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Voice acting is an amazing talent to have. What’s great about it, is like with anything, you can learn to be a voice actor. Just like on-camera acting, it’s tough breaking into the industry but we’ve put together some tools that could help if you’re looking to break into the world of voice acting.

We think the safest place to start is to start reading text out loud and see what you can do with your voice. Read different genres on various mediums and pay attention to what you have a more natural inclination towards. When you’ve played around a bit get yourself some training.


Training is an important aspect of any craft. If you’re serious about becoming a voice actor make sure you’re putting in the time to train and learn the skills. Some important things you may learn from training are relaxation, projecting, and timing. When looking for a class make sure you research the instructor to see how reputable they are. Read reviews from other students and if it’s possible try to audit the class as well!

Demo Reel

As you get training and some experience in the world, work on putting together a demo reel that best represents you and your work. Your demo reel is a huge marketing tool and shows casting directors what you can do with your voice. As you gather more experience or work in various genres you may put together a reel that is genre-specific.

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Find an Agent

This is definitely easier said than done but if you’ve done steps one and two, you’re right on track. An agent is meant to represent you and help you find work. Agents generally have doors to bigger opportunities. Make sure you rack up that experience and show potential agents that you’re serious about the business.

Market Yourself

It’s important that you market yourself. Do you have a website? Do you post your content on your socials? Have you gotten your demo reel done? Is it up to date? There are a lot of people in the business, make sure you’re doing what you can to stand out from the crowd. Why should people choose you to be their voiceover?

What’s most important is to never stop learning and never give up. Auditioning can be disheartening especially when you don’t get the part, but don’t let that stop you from trying again. Do you have any tips for breaking into the voiceover industry? Let us know in the comments.

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