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Voice-over acting can sometimes be a hit-or-miss if the talent isn’t, well, talented. But hiring a professional voice actor isn’t always necessary if you can find the right person for the job.

If you prep properly, it isn’t too difficult to find a good, professional-sounding voice-over for your corporate video.

Ideally, you’ll want to find someone with impeccable reading skills. This means someone who is well-versed in enunciation and has a strong command of English (or whatever your preferred language is). The key is to find that perfect balance between everyday regular speech and a “larger-than-life” vocal tone, which can be tricky.

A lot of companies will find that, depending on their video marketing plan, voice-overs are a necessary part of the process. Especially when a lot of description is needed to overlay on b-roll.

One of the first things to identify when seeking voice-over talent is to find the right voice. Depending on who your target audience is, what you intend to market and where you will be sharing your content, a younger voice may be best. YTV is notorious for using the same young, fun, and whacky voices to bring life to their channel promotions.

Even during commercials, a mature woman’s voice tends to be used to market specific feminine hygiene products. Consider this ancient Venus razor commercial:

On the flip side, some companies find that a grandeur male voice is more suited to their video content. In the ’80s, older voices tended to be used for promoting items such as cars and appliances.

Of course, stellar recording equipment is a must when recording a voice-over. A studio microphone, accompanied by audio recording software such as ProTools or Audacity and a sound-proof room are ideal for creating exceptional voice-overs.

Another thing to note is posture. We often don’t realize how simple things like posture play into our daily performance. In voice acting, the decision to stand or sit is huge. It could be the difference between a sloppy, muffled or quieter vocal delivery from a clear, articulate and loud one. Standing up while voice acting opens up your breathing, allowing you to use your diaphragm to project sound. It also makes for a noticeably more animated performance that is emphasized over visuals.

Here at Key West Video, we offer the best in audio recording. With our specialty services, we strive to create the ultimate auditory experience. We also specialize in voice dubbing, transcriptions, subtitling and translating. Contact us for a quote today!

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