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Voiceover Narration for your Corporate Video:

We have all seen that expertly produced video, perfectly executed down to the very last detail… But something was missing. There was no voiceover narration, making this high-quality video seem kind of dull. But why is voiceover so important when it comes to corporate videos?

Here are 5 reasons why all corporate videos should include a V/O.

  1. To help carry out your message: Adding voiceover narration in your corporate video sets the mood for your video, and adds a certain style your video might have been lacking (like an upbeat, smooth, or warm style).  It can work really well if the voiceover actor not only has the vocal skills to carry it through but also has the right type of voice for the piece. Voiceovers create the effect of good storytelling, which instantly connects the audience with the video.
  2. Voiceover can also fill in the gaps in your video: If an interviewee wasn’t overly articulate or failed to use a noun that would have made the subject more comprehensible– there is a simple solution: Grab a half sound bite to put a face on the screen and give the piece credibility, and then explain the rest of the point in a narrative track. Using voiceover can really help to fill in the gaps in your video, and it allows you to hide the awkward moments that an edit can’t fix.
  3. Better understanding for your audience: Voiceovers can be a great tool to use to provide your audience with a better understanding of what’s happening in your video. If your video isn’t so straightforward, your audience could get easily confused and thus lose interest fast.
  4. Not interesting script: Sometimes with corporate video, the subject might not be that earthshaking, so your script might seem a little dull. Using a voiceover narration would definitely help with that because the sound and the tone of the voice is greater than the actual content of the words used – 38% sound compared to 7% words. The audience’s attention would be more engaged with a good voiceover narration than just having to listen to the actual words.
  5. Quality: Adding more elements to your corporate video will immediately up the quality of your production, and a voiceover narration is a simple enough production technique that should not be overlooked.

Now that you have read through all the reasons why using a voiceover narration for your corporate video is beneficial, here is another tip: when using voiceover, leave it to the professionals. Now you may think, “Why should I pay all that money for a professional actor when you can get any person that can speak decently read over a script?” While most of us can speak pretty well, doing a VO (voiceover) is a very specific skill, best left to the professionals. (A microphone can be as scary as a camera).

Here at Key West Video, we know that a voiceover narration can be an essential part in your corporate video, and will make the whole production process – including the voiceover process – as easy and efficient for you as possible. We will send you samples of voiceover actors, help you choose which one will bring the right style and set the right mood for your video, and then help piece your video together to produce a video that gets your message heard.

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