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Why should I shoot my video in HD?

HD stands for high definition, and SD stands for standard definition.

HD is more expensive than shooting in SD, but will the extra cost be worth it? What are the main difference between the two?

The  main difference between the two is that High definition has a higher resolution than SD video which the ending result is a sharper picture. Its because Hight Definition contains more pixels than SD,  it then creates finer images. Standard Definition also gets blockier much faster on bigger screens than High definition does. So if you want a higher quality looking video, shooting in HD is the only option.

There are a few cons when it comes to shooting in High Definition though. It WILL be more expensive than shooting in standard definition. Also, to really see and get the high definition experience you have to play the HD video in a high definition video player or television.

If you do a quick search for images online you will notice, higher quality makes a big difference in creating a better image. It means a newer, fresher, better and a more modern looking product for your company! Look at the image below. Guess which part was shot in High Definition.

HD vs. SD

When creating a video, you’ll  already be spending thousands of dollars.  It just makes more sense to spend a little more and shoot in HD, and get a higher quality video.

Here at Keywest we only shoot in HD to delivery our clients the best and highest quality video out there.

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Why shoot in HD?
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Why shoot in HD?

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