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If you pay attention to Netflix’s Top 10, you might have come across a show by the name of “Selling Sunset.” The show is in its third season, and it’s probably one of our favourite reality TV shows. When we started this show, we didn’t expect to be as hooked as we are, and we thought we’d give you a quick rundown about what the show is about. Warning: spoilers ahead!

The Premise

The show follows the lives of real estate agents in a boutique real estate firm called the Oppenheim Group. The group is located in Los Angeles and sells million-dollar homes around the area. We also get a glimpse into the personal lives of several of the agents. There’s also loads of drama.

The Homes

One of our favorite parts of the show is that you get to see some incredible homes. When we say incredible, we mean homes with basketball courts, mini putt, full indoor gyms, the whole works! Not only do you get to see these fantastic homes, but you learn little nuggets of real estate information. Did you know that a wine cellar with no temperature control is just a fake wine cellar? We sure didn’t.

Wait, Let’s Back Up – Who is Part of the Oppenheim Group?

The firm is owned by Jason Oppenheim, who has been named as the top real estate agent in the Los Angeles Area and featured in several publications. The senior VP of the group is Jason’s brother, Brett. The group also has 11 agents; however, only 7 of them are featured in the show.

selling sunset jason oppenheim

What Makes the Show so Appealing?

We originally started watching the show to see some insane houses to add to our wishlist. We soon noticed that the competitive nature of the business of Real Estate is a breeding ground for drama – and we stuck around. The show’s strong personalities and the luxury lifestyles they’re apart of grabs hold of you and sucks you in. It’s also pretty inspiring to see how passionate some of these individuals are about real estate!

Have you seen Selling Sunset? What are your thoughts? I think we’re all considering being real estate agents now when we see those big commission dollars on million-dollar houses.

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