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Training Videos

Video is a great way to communicate. The medium allows you to engage with a targeted audience about a specific brand or service in a clear way. That’s why using corporate video as a training tool is so valuable. Read on for examples of training videos that can save you time and money.


Training Videos
Remote learning means the classroom can be anywhere

Our world shrunk significantly with the advent of the Internet. People who were once geographically isolated could take advantage of all kinds of services and programs through e-learning. Everything from earning a university degree to learning how to play the piano was achievable without leaving home.

In corporate video production, e-learning comes mostly in the form of training videos. Such videos can be a series of institutionally-mandated courses that allow a business to comply with industry regulations. They could show an employee the proper protocol for dealing with customer complaints. Another application is the explainer, illustrating a step-by-step procedure for a new employee.

Dramatic Training Videos

Storytelling is a big part of video production. Sometimes the best way to learn is to bear witness. This is where dramatic training videos can be invaluable.

With dramatic training videos, the goal is getting your audience to imagine themselves as the characters in the production. If your video is meant to educate employees on how to deal with a difficult customer, why not SHOW them rather than TELL them? Using concrete examples of complaints and the desired responses gives employees confidence in what can be a difficult and stressful situation.

Instructional Training Videos

Hands up if you’re a visual learner! Us, too. When it comes to showing your employee or customer how to use a product or service, video is a great approach. Whether complicated or simple, a visual reference gives the viewer familiarity and comfort with the process.

An instructional video can take on many forms. The product itself can be used in a live action video, giving the audience a true example of how something works. An animation can provide up-close and in-depth views, showing angles and specifics that would otherwise be impossible to see. Graphics and text can further enhance learning and support the process you’re trying to illustrate.

Educational Videos

Educational videos don’t have to be dry and boring. Training is seen as a burden by some employees, so why not try to make it entertaining and even fun? With a little scripting and some interesting visuals, your training video can teach in a way that’s engaging.

Safety Orientation Videos

Employers and employees alike want a safe workplace. Making safety training videos can ensure your business complies with insurance and industry regulations, while also educating staff. Keep everyone safe and your business up and running with a video.

We Know Training Videos

Key West Video has shot countless training videos over the years. We also archive all our projects, which means we can help you easily update training and e-learning videos whenever needed. Call us today for a quote.

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