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At Keywest On Christmas Eve: In My Xmas Jammies

xmas jammiesBecause some of us are at the office on Christmas Eve I thought I would share a little fun to brighten up your day! If you haven’t already seen the adorable video Christmas card that went viral this year, check it out below.

This family sure knows how to grab attention; catchy song, adorable kids, some funny commentary on the family’s year, and of course a set of ridiculous matching xmas jammies. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t watch this video more than once…or twice. One thing we noticed from this video is that the kids and the parents have had an amazing year. The kids partook in several classes, won awards and both the parents had a part in Iron Man! How cool is that?

If it was up to use we’d definitely give this family an award for being the best parents ever and having the most creative brains in the game! Xmas Jammies will definitely be added to our playlist.

In just over a week this video has garnered 12.6 million views on YouTube!

Christmas is such a fun time to spread joy and cheer. All the presents, colours and festivities really brighten up people’s spirits. How are you celebrating the holidays this year?

What do you guys think of this new video Christmas card tradition?

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